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      1BABE is the cute, delicious, take-anywhere wine in a can that pairs well  with literally everything. Buy our wines online today and get free  shipping. BABE Rosé, BABE Grigio, BABE Red, White Girl Rosé and Family Time  Is Hard.Babe14128388945.560177891---29
      2At L'ange, we supply elevated hair tools and haircare to fit the lifestyle of the modern woman, and her family too! We are a complete luxury styling tool brand with a complimenting haircare system to create a look and a way of life that's your utter best.L'ange Hair1069239318.9286258325504651220010044963562310
      3At the heart of Bite, we want to do better. That means asking ourselves, every day, how we can improve. Whether it’s mindlessly tossing out an empty toothpaste tube or glossing over the ingredients list, small daily actions can shape the future of our planet. By uncovering how we can be better to ourselves and to the earth, we are one step closer to a healthier and plastic-free world.Bite235317120.882441412105521435210446700-
      4It's time for men to take control of their faces. Lumin simplifies the  daily routines for guys to combat dark eye circles, acne scarring, dry  skin, lines and wrinkles, clogged pores caused by oily skin, and more.  Invest in your face the way you do in other aspects of life, and EARN your  best look ever.Lumin131891967.69234092558009733124000196471
      5Explore & shop the smartest and most portable filmmaking solutions at 
edelkrone® - Professional camera sliders, heads, dollies intelligent camera 
motion control systems and must have videography accessories.edelkrone572681018.100433725350714600376620-80000
      6Maven Thread creates exercise headbands and clothing that are soft, high 
quality, and super fun. Our headbands don't slip or cause headaches like 
many competing headbands. The unique patterns are a fun accessory for every 
workout. They are perfect for yoga, sports, exercise, or everyday wear.Maven Thread49070863.9663338768932016963-30
      7Big Bud Press is a fast-growing Los Angeles based label specializing in size inclusive, unisex everyday goods. We pride ourselves on our ethical and local manufacturing practices. We work hard to make a product you can feel confident in-- not only when you wear it, but knowing where it comes from and how its been made. We may be small, but we work hard to make something for as many folks as possible.Big Bud Press52166732.048416092569493090---
      8Shop area rugs, accent rugs and runner rugs at Ruggable. Washable,  stain-resistant and waterproof, our rugs are perfect for homes with kids  and pets. Ships free!Ruggable2760666.69953269566336681303016222049741
      9Briogeo offers a full selection of natural haircare products that are fortified with hair healthy oils, antioxidants and vitamins.Briogeo24704665.40942818367306890150894-2640
      10Cuddle + Kind37886630.6114136036280891986370825--
      11When it comes to wardrobe staples, STAUD has it down to a science — if that science were based on emotion instead of formulas, technicolor dreamcoats instead of those meant for a lab, and the idea that “matter” is just stuff in the universe while a good handbag is anything but. It’s why, in 2015, Sarah Staudinger and George Augusto co-founded the LA-based brand upon the idea that fashion shouldn’t just empower women — it should be accessible, tooStaud35583467.6607421344240717213524--
      12We hope Great Jones makes you feel equipped and empowered to cook more frequently and confidently. If you need help figuring out what it takes to roast a chicken, or you simply can't decide what to cook after a long day, we’re here. We believe in the power and pleasure of making food with your own hands, even if you’re simply making an omelette in your pajamas.Great Jones Goods28755354.3622597831413244436--

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      The shops on this list are sell directly to customers via their online stores. Most offer free shipping, which is one of the major Amazon prime beneifts.

      How are the stores ranked?

      The stores are ranked based upon their SocialScore and overall web rank. The social score is derived from factors such as followers, fans, and activity on social media accounts. Web rank is based upon the websites estimated search engine ranking, as well as average time on site by visitors.

      Is this an anti-Amazon shopping list?

      This list of shopping alternatives is not intended to be anti-Amazon, per se. It exists to help find alternatives that consumers may not yet be aware.