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    Shopping is heavily dominated by major retailers. As commerce increasingly shifts from physical to digital means, this balance has shifted more in favor of a small number of mega-retailers with one site making up nearly 50% of all online shopping. This isn't the way the internet was meant to be.

    Consumers have shifted behaviours from shopping in a relatively open physical world to an environment where results beyond the first page or two are rarely seen. Rather than yielding fewer opportunities, digital commerce should open opportunities for a multitude of focused brands to make exceptional products for a physically widespread audience.

    Major online retailers and marketplaces are convenient, but often don't feature the best brands and products. They charge high fees, sell knockoffs, and favor fast & cheap over innovative & enduring.

    There are hundreds of brands that sell directly to consumers on their own sites. Many offer free shipping, discounts to new customers, and other perks of shopping directly. We developed a database of 500+ shops and 20,000+ products that can be searched and filtered by keywords, free shipping offers, price, return policies, etc. The database is constantly growing and updated with new data.

    Help support independent business. Before making a purchase from a major retail site, search for an independent shopping alternative at emprezzo.